suicidal anemone


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Alright so it appeasr to me that the anemone that I have will do just abuot anything to kill itself. Last month it moved across the tank to the mj1200 thats running the skimmer and got sucked up into it. Finally up untill lastnight it was lookin really good, recovered fine and was lookin almost 100%, I wake up and I see its partially melted on my plastic heater.....unbelieveable! I have 4 other anemones in that tank and none of them move around or have had any issues. I think I need to give it prozac or something, lol.
My BIG BTA has tried to commit suicicde several times by exploring powereheads (4 x so far)... but the latest thing was it decided to get sucked into my overflow box. :( what is wrong with it...

If you find prozac for you anemone, order 2 prescriptions...
Could be worse. Nothing sucks more than having an anemone that constantly tries attention-getter suicides. All that running around the tank. Dancing with the heater. Nudging towards the overflow just to see if you care. Setting up camp on the powerhead intake so you have to turn it off.

The nerve. :lol:
for real! I think it likes the attention.....but come on, I fed it lastnight and stared at the tank for a good 3 hours, and I wake up to this.....grrr. I was going to leave it half melted on the heater, but I didnt have the heart to just let it suffer like that......bah, I'm a sucker, I lose.
it is true tho, my anemone does wanna commit suicide....."I seen em!"
My anemone stay in the middle of my tank. That's far away from powerheads and my overflow, so I guess I'm lucky. Don't you guys get concerned about you anemone floating around and stinging your corals?
my anemones stay put for the most part, unless I change the flow or something.
The anemone in the picture took a trip into my Power sweep. He survived but lost some body parts.
not worried about corals in my tank mainly due to the fact that its just an anemone tank. There are three types of anemones in there, a hatian, which is the power head attacker, a rose and your typical bubble tip. Man it looked horrible yesterday, it fell off the glass and is now resting on the bottom of the tank in a mushy blob. Tho when I looked at it this morning, it seemed to be doing alright, some of the tenticles that were not melted off are out. I have no doubt that this anemone will be back in perfect health in no time. Good thing my other anemones dont move around, man if I had three suicidal anemones I'ld just give up, lol.