T-5 Bulb Mix Question

stanfill reef

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I have a 6 bulb fixture over my 72-gal bowfront. It is about time to change the bulbs. I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on what mix of bulbs to use. I currently have:

2 Aquablue (60% Actinic/40% white; 11,000K)
1 Sun Lamp (6000K)
3 True Actinic

Do you think I should replace in kind or change the line-up?
The True Actinic bulbs do not put out much PAR. I would go with 2 AquaBlue, 3 BluePlus, and 1 Sun.
Or you could try 2 AquaBlue 11k, 2 BluePlus, 1 Sun and 1 True Actinic if you want to keep an Actinic bulb in the mix.
What ballast are you running the bulbs on?
You might consider running the bulbs on an IceCap 660 Ballast. This ballast will overdrive the bulbs and really up the PAR. Just something to consider. :) You could call the company you bought it all from or call the nice people at
a>  He is really nice and explains T5 and other aquarium lighting really well.  :)