Tank Pictures - 715 Gallons


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Thanks for viewing. Since I live about 150 miles away from Atlanta, cahnces of a tank tour my way are fairly slim. Please bear with me as it is a work in progress. I am converting my 2 car garage (last car in there was about 6 years ago) into a theater/aquarium, now the goal was not to place a tank into the room but to turn the room into an aquarium - if that makes sense.

Reef tank specs are

tank - 360 gallon custom glass - 3/4 in glass
Filtration - 525 lbs live rock - 200 lbs reefer rocks Base rock very few small pieces, some pieces were well over 40 lbs each for easy Aquascaping with caves.

started with - 280 lbs Live Sand will add more soon

Flow - four(4) tunze 6200's controlled by a 7095 controller

Lighting - 4x96 actinics - 3-450 watt 14K MH

Agressive Tank Specs are

125 tank - 140 lbs Live Rock - approximatly 80 lbs live sand
Flow - 1 Tunze 6100 w/controller
Lighting - 4X65 pc -actinic/flo's

Soon as I can speed up the hamster on the wheel and recharge my battery, I will put up some workroom pics, bear with me.
OK we sped up the hamster and got a couple shots

work room - Because its my first large system I wanted to eliminate as much human error as possible - ie good equipment

Refugium that feeds 360 reef is a 75 gallon glass tank I drilled :eek: myself, 120 lbs fine sand and various algae. this Refuge was actually running months before the tank was set up and is teeming with pods flow to the tank is from a dedicated 400 gph submersible that feeds first the 36 watt UV sterilizer - flow from there is partially diverted to a MRC CR6 Calcium reactor - output from the Refugium is piped almost directly to one of the 2 (two) sedra 1200 gph return pumps in the 100 gallon rubbermaid tub/sump.

Mechanical Filtration is accomplished via two skimmers - Coralife super skimmer 220 gals max and my Baby doll is a Euro-reef CS-400 (good product)

Refugium that feeds the 125 predator is my former 55 gallon reef modified for sump /refuge use. 100 lbs sand in this one and it also has a coralife 220 super skimmer - return for this system is via sedra 900 pump that also feeds an 18 watt sterilizer - sure I missed something but all this brings total system volume to 715 gallons with two diplay tanks. thanks for viewing and be gentle with me - I am still learning

The real odd looking cooler propped up there is "MY CHILLER" Air from the canopy is drawn via turbo fan in cooler - that air being drawn out of the canopy and into here keeps main room cool, no heat build up in canopy (water temp has NEVER topped 82 and this was during the summer heat wave) exhaust also blowing on the water helps cool water, its ugly but it works. also increases evaporation, which I am a fan of because it means more fresh water in system.
missed some pics

whoopsi >> hope they show here

had to show my mandarin he or she is my baby lol
for some reason it wont take my last few pics - last try

No go will try in the morning - sorry
fought all night and I think I got one more to show, sorry not very computer friendly these days
got a question - On my two display tanks one is black and the other still a natural wood color I think the brown sticks out like a sore thumb and want to paint it black as well. What are some of your opinions please ????

The family says leave it be I say it should be black to match the other.
i say paint it black and never look back!who cares what they say anyways?lol