Tank sitting over Xmas in West Cobb???


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Hey all, I will be out of town from the Dec 22nd - Jan 2nd. Is there anyone willing to help me out and be able to tank sit for me on the West side?

I technically live in Dallas, but I live right on the Cobb/Paulding Co line.

My tank is a 120 and is new, w/only a Yellow Watchman, Pearly Jawfish and a cleaner shrimp in it. But I am picking up a pair of O. Clownfish this week for quarantine and they should be going into the main tank before I leave, hopefully.

I don't need anything daily. Maybe a total of 3-4 times just to feed the fish, fill my Auto Top-off container and empty my skimmer waste collector.

I was just going to have my neighbor help me, but then I remembered that my skimmer waste collector will need to be emptied and I don't feel comfortable with her messing with my skimmer and trying to empty the collection container.

I would also prefer someone who is familiar with reef tanks, so they can spot problems and be able to assess and fix them, if the need arises, as opposed to my neighbor.

And since I don't have any corals or anything, I will gladly pay for your services.

Can anyone help me out?

If you need a hand with this let me know. As of right now I am not going anywhere for the holidays and I live in Kennesaw off Mars Hill and Burnt Hickory so shouldnt be far from you. Just give me a call on my cell if you need anything. 678-641-2062
I live right off Dallas Highway. I can help as well. PM me if you'd like.