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I am new to reef tanks and wanted to start with something small. I have been doing research on the internet and at local stores and have decided to do a nano tank. I was looking at the oceanic 29g biodome. I would appreciate any input on this. It's hard to keep the facts straight because each store has their different opinions. Also, if I do decide to go with the oceanic, does anyone know where I can get one for less than $300 or is this what I should expect.
Thanks for any info.
If you're interested, I'll have a 24 gallon Nanocube for sale in January. Comes with stand, sand, some live rock, and a fuge light. Not sure how much I'm asking, but it will definitely save you money versus buying a new tank.
I would go with the oceanic but they are ALOT more expensive than regular tanks.. well actually i would go with the biocube. They are alot cheaper and do the same job. It looks as though some people are offering to save you some money i would take them up on that. Good luck and welcome to the hobby!!
Check out my new post about the Finnex M-tank. Depending on what your looking keep in your tank you should look at all the options. Check out premiumaquatics.com