The Last FTS of my 30 Cube


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Well the dreaded move down the street is coming, we sign the new lease on the 10th and start moving on the 15th. The good thing is I have the current place until the 31st so im going to take my time with the move. My goal is to not lose anything. Im planning on taking apart my 30 cube next week and putting everything into smaller tanks and rubbermaids for 2 weeks while I sale my 30 and save up the freaking 150 bucks to drill a tank (highway robbery!). I have a 37 cube that was going to be used for the new tank but since then I found a great deal on a 58 so I decided to take it. I havent made up my mind on lighting for the tank its either going to be 3x95w VHO and One 250 or 3x95w VHO and 2x175 Mh. It really depends on What else I realize I need before then. The UPS guy just dropped my new 250HQI retro reflector and everything from Hellolights so since I have already invested more money into my 250 I may just stick with it.
Anyways heres the pics of the 30..

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Clams and the new leather
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euphyllia Corner
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Alien Eye Favia
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The larger of the frags of my anemone. the other is facing the back of my tank so its really hard to get a shot of it, but its still doing awesome!
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I cant wait to get the new tank up and going, I and in the reasearch fase of getting a carpet anemone for the new one. The only problem is if I do go with a carpet and get a clown hosting anemone I will have to part with my current anemones which im not too sure if I want to do. Also with my tank being BB I will have to do a small dish of sand to keep the Hadoni happy and not go on a killing spree..
Also Im looking into either a Mag. Foxface and or a wrasse of some sorts. I really like the look of Exquisite Fairy Wrasse or Australian Scotts Fairy wrasse. What do you think. From what I have read they are both arnt too big for a 58 but at the same time some of these sites also say a yellow tang can go in a 20..."></a> ..

anyways whatcha think
Nice pics...

My fairy wrasse was really a jumper, so make sure you have tops of some sort on tank....
Thanks, yea It has a canopy but I also plan on doing some sort of eggcrate along the open back. One of my clowns jumps now so I want to make sure I dont end up losing it too.