Trapped hermit crab?


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We have a Halloween hermit crab that seems to be trapped in his cowrie shell. He hasn't moved for days, but will take small pieces of food. Has anyone seen this? I am thinking of breaking into the shell but it is very thick. Any suggestions?
I'd just put a "right-sized" shell next to him. It's more likely that he doesn't want to leave and be exposed. With any luck, he'll transfer himself.
I can't imagine that he is trapped. Sounds like he is just a little nervous. Have you moved him anywhere? Did he molt recently? Also, I haven't heard of a halloween hermit crab. Do you have a pic?

most of the time they do that they are just "relaxing" or takin in some of the rays. Several of my scarlet reefs did that. I dont know the true reason why but they seem to be fine when they move. I think its almost like a territory thing, I had one scarlet that would always sit on top of my green monticap
I can't take a picture, my crab is trapped or catching rays. We'll see. See Liveaquaria for a picture. Hope he comes out soon. He's pretty.