Wanted: LR Rubble and base rock


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The club is planning to demonstrate fragging corals at our Februrary meeting. Does anyone have any rubble or base rock that they are either willing to donate or sell at a nominal price that can be used for mounting frags?

Please PM me.

Thanks in advance!

Maybe one of our sponsors can donate some rock rubble from the bottom of their rock holding tanks.
Thanks AJ for the suggestion, but I wanted to see of anyone here has some first .
boxermark wrote: How much do you need? ...
Any quantity is appreciated! I anticipate needing enough rubble to do at least 300-400 frags.

I currently have a commitment of some base rock, but I feel that I still need about 250+ pieces of rubble. BTW, base rock is fine for our needs.

I will be at the Jan 9th meeting if anyone wants to make arrangements for that night.

boxermark wrote: ... Is it copacetic to ask for the demonstration frag in return?
Unfortunately, the remnants of the mother colony do not survive since we usually frag 95% or more of it.

I have tracked what has happened to most of mother colonies from the last 4 times we have done this and only last year's leather survived because we only took a "donut" of the top and left the rest to heal.

You'd be much better off with receiving several frags than a mother colony. If you're still interested in a mother colony, please PM me.

Please let me know if you have some rubble available or more questions.