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The folks at TheReedTank.com told me about this forum... Just wanted to formally introduce myself. I am 29, got started on this about 1 month ago. My son is 2 and daugter is 3. He absolutely froze up the first time he looked into a fish tank. Well that means Dad got an oppurtunity to take on a big project for them (well HUGE project i should say).

I went over to Marine Fish in east cobb after looking around at the normal Petsmart level retail shops and really seeing in person the difference in the fresh water tanks vs. the salt water tanks' beautiful colors. I picked up a relatively small start up package with a 75g tank, filter, hydro, dig. temp, sand, salt mix, light and a hole bunch of hopes... http://thereeftank.com/forums/smilies/brainoverload.gif" alt="" />

Little more about me, I'm an account executive for a office furniture retailer here locally. Hince my extra heavy duty stand/4 door credenza cabinet I will use.

I also road race motorcycles and love speed in general [IMG]http://trackfanatics.com/"><span style="color: #000080;">MY SITE</span></a>

I look forward to lots of great knowledge share and meeting folks as well.

Welcome to the ARC!

You will find alot of nice, knowledgable, helpful people here. It is a great place to learn and ask questions.

You should consider joining the ARC. You get discounts at most local places and some online stores. Check out the Sponsor List to see who is a sponsor and what their discount is.

I have saved ALOT of money since joining the ARC. I am like you, I started this up about a month and a half ago and right now my 120g is cycling. So I had the big start-up costs. But once I found out about the ARC and became a member, I ended up saving alot with the discounts. It has paid for my membership fee about 8x over right now and I still need to buy lighting and livestock and a controller.

Plus the meetings we have once a month are a good place to meet fellow reefers and learn a thing or two, and if Tom is giving the class, you will be lucky if you learn one or two things, lol. J/K Tom!

Also, the meetings are a good place for people to trade frags. So a cheap way to stock your tank and help others.

No pressure intended though, just letting you know who we are and what the benefits are of membership.

We hope you stick around and ask many questions.

Most of all, enjoy yourself and the joys of reefkeeping.

Good Luck,

I will look into that Mitch.. I didn't jump in with a huge stock of equipment just because I knew I would need to learn the slow way so that will be a good thing to take advantage of, I'll upgrade to a reef ready tank later on with the full SUMP below and a livestock set. I'm gonna do 1 eel in a fish only set and see how well he does..
Welcome to the site!!
I think Mitch covered it pretty well especially the "join ARC or else" part. :)