Will orchid dottyback aggression ever recede?


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Hi all,

I added an orchid dottyback to my 46 gallon cube today. The only other inhabitants are my pair of clowns, and a yellow coris wrasse. The dottyback will V line across the tank to nip at my wrasse, who is 3 times his size.

I was wondering if this type of aggression will ever go away, or should I go ahead and tear my tank apart now to catch the little demon. My coris is my favorite fish and is a complete model citizen that has never bothered anything. I figured since there's plenty of hiding spots and rockwork, the dottyback would be chill. I've heard orchids are the most peaceful of the dottybacks, and especially when they're aquacultured.

Upon adding him, my tiny male clown immediately attacked him and from that point on, the clowns and dottyback seem fine. My poor wrasse simply wont defend itself.

I've already tried bottle traps, but this dottyback is legit the smartest little fish.

Advice welcomed please.
It is recommended that the aggressive fishes are added last in a community tank to ease the aggression.

You can try re-aqua scape rocks but that’s lots of work for one fish. It might go away if you have more fishes in the tank.

I bet he will continue to be aggressive so I won’t leave him in there if I were you.

If you are going to catch him. It’s probably easier to just drain your tank to few inches to just simply scoop him up instead of chasing him around. Good luck <><