Yellow Head Jawfish?


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Has anyone had any experience with the yellow head jawfish and how they are?

Also - How many more fish can i add to my 75 gallon tank?
I currently have pair of gold stripe maroons, blue tang,pixie hawk. I would like to add YellowHead Jawfish, Flame Angel, and school of Green Reef Chromis's. Would this be ok i have good filtration on it and have a protien skimmer????
for a 75 it seems like you;'ll be gettin gclose to your limit of fish, the maroon clowns get large and the tang as well. I'ld say you can add the jawfish, but the Flame Angel, and school of Green Reef Chromis's might be pushin it. Jawfish are really cool just make sure you have a deep enough sandbed for them to make their lil homes, and I'm not sure but I think they might be carpet surfers, just make sure they cant jump out.
You will need a deep substrate....somewhat coarse. At least 4 inches deep. Do not use fine sand or their burrow will collapse. I would also put rubble in the tank..that they can use to build their burrows. They will make a mess of the tank until they are comfortable and build a burrow they are happy with. THey may build several of them at first. They are very shy and cannot compete with aggressive fish. I would not get the flame and school of chromis that would be pushing it for a 75. Just my .02
Anybody know if YHJF will be happy with a mixed size substrate? I've got the mixed black pebbles in white aragonite sand.
yeah they should like that. They need some larger rubble to make the walls of there caves so that should be good.
Don't get one unless you have a jump-proof tank. Every jawfish I have ever had went carpet surfing eventually.