feeding a powder blue tang


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i feed my tang green seaweed on aclip i also give it frozen brine shrimp every 3 days. i feed it formula 2 marine pellets twice a day.i offer it seaweed soaked in garlic all day and night when i can. my problem is he chews right at the clip and the rest floats away. it makes a mess of my tank. it nibbles at the algae on the rocks the rest of the time. would it stress the tang out if i cut back on some of his seaweed. i have a 75 gal. tank. does any body do anything different to feed there tangs?thank you.
It is reccommended that Tangs have vegetable matter in their diet a few times a week to keep up their immune system so I am sure you are OK to cut back some.

I grow different grasses in my Refuge and a few times a week I just pull some up by the root and drop it in the main tanks, it looks natural, cause it is, and they will eat it in a day or so.
Powder blues need to have lots of algae in their diet so feed them as much as possible. They seem to do best in tanks that have a good bit of algae growth.
try rolling the seaweed into a "cigarette" before putting it on the clip. Or, just tightly rubber band it to a small piece of rock and drop it in. If it is on a firm surface, rather than a loose piece of material, it will stay neater, and may entice him to eat more.
Interesting way to get the seaweed to stay on the clip. My tang just goes after it when I fold the nori
My problem is involving my angel. He grabs a giant chunk, pulls it off, and eats like 1% at a time. What a slob. The tighter I wrapped or rolled the nori, the less free material he could grab and dislodge, them less wasted. It wasnt a matter of making it more appealing, but instead preserving it longer, so he could eat more.
This is a little more intensive but here is what I have done over time. I clip in on and then take scissors and cut really thin horizontal strips up to close to the clip. This way the most they can tear off is one little strip. Works extremely well. They also tend to eat it faster also as it rips off easier so less is left rotting there in the tank!