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Hey guys I need youe advice on what to do with a sick Naso tang. I woke up this morning and found him swimming at the top of the tank. I don't see any apparant signs of bacterial infection on his skin. I tested oll my water parameters and everything is ok all other fish and corals are dong fine. I removed him and gavie him a freshwater bath and placed him in my QT tank; I'm using erythromycin to treat the tank. He keeps expeling wastes into the water and continues to swim on his side at the surface of the water. Any advice will help. Thanks.
If he cant right himslef, that is not usually a good sign. Equlibirium loss could be due to many things, such as swim bladder issues, oxygen deprivation, or even paralysis. Do you have any anemones or other heavily stinging inverts?

I personally dont recommend prophylactically treating with antibiotics, unless you know bacterial infection is the problem.
It seems to be equilibrium loss. I don't have any anemones or other heavily stinging corals.
Thanks for your help.
Hey sorry to here this. I've never herd of this problem. Is he doing better?
I like Green X. I don't think this will work for what is going on but I know it works for alot of things. I hope he gets better!!
How long have you had the Naso? This could possibly be the result of how it was collected. Though many collectors no longer use cyanide to capture fish, there are still some that do! Exposure to cyanide can have lingering effects on the fish that are caught this way and in many instances can lead to the death of the fish, sometimes many months from the time of collection.
Cyanide is the stuff thats in the explosives that they use to stun the fish right??
I've had the fish for about 3 months now; I bought him at Petco.
Maroons15 wrote: Cyanide is the stuff thats in the explosives they use to stun the fish right?"></a>

You're confusing two different fishing "techniques"

Cyanide is a chemical that is injected into crevices in the reef to stun fish, making them easier to catch.