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Here we go guys! I started my first saltwater tank six weeks ago. I started out with a 55 gallon with a sattilite 65X4 light, 50 lbs of LR, 30 lbs of LS and a CPR BAK Pak skimmer. I started out with a few damsels to help it cycle. a few died and i got more. But only one made it. Today was 6 weeks into they cycle so i went out and got a Fox Face. As soon as the guy at the LFS put the fox face in the bag the fish lost all of its color. He looked like he was almost dead. I got home, put him in the tank and he still looked like he was dead. Eight ours later the fox face is still just sitting under some live rock and is very pale. Is this normal???????
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It's sounds like the fish is stressed. It's common for a fish to hide when introduced to a new tank, but the pale or stressed look should begin to go away within a few hours. Did you acclimate the fish to your tank? How was it acting while in the store tank?
foxfaces do that. be careful, they have venomous spines, so dont get jabbed!
jmaneyapanda wrote: foxfaces do that. be careful, they have venomous spines, so dont get jabbed!

oh crap, now I'm going to have to get one knowing that.
He was acting fine in the store. when i got home i let the bag float around in the water for about 15 min. then i added a cup of my tank water to the bag and let it float for another 10 min. then i put him in with my net. its been about 26 hours now that i got him and he still is hiding under my live rock with no color. Thanks
what the salinity at your tank sitting at? make sure youre sittin between 1.022-1.02. Whats the pther parms at, like ammonia, nitrates, nitrites.
everything is at 0. the ph is 8.4. temp is 78 salt is 1.021. hes not eating anything either.
I'ld bring up the salinity to about 1.025, thats more like what the salinity is like at fish stores, I'm sure hes tryin to adjust to the lower salinity, tho it doesnt seem much, thats quite a bit.
Good luck with your fish. Just some advice for the future...acclimating saltwater fish is a bit different than acclimating freshwater fish. It is a good idea to slowly add very small amounts of your tank water to the fish's bag over the course of 1-2 hours. This is because they have to adjust to a lot more than just water temp; they have to adjust to salinity as well. This will help your fish to adjust better and reduce the likelihood of death due to shock...very important since saltwater fish are very expensive.

When acclimating inverts (crabs, snails, shrimp, stars, corals), acclimation should be 2-3 hours for some. Your LFS or someone on this forum should be able to give advice on the proper length of acclimation time when you're ready.

BTW, Welcome to ARC and to saltwater tanks! :)
It sounds like the salinity may be the big difference here. Maybe you should call the store to find out what the salinity of the tank the fish was in.
I raised the salt level up to 1.025. Then turned the lights out to go to bed and checked it just a little while ago and the fish was out swimming around. I think he is going to be ok.
Foxface are really cool fish that "play dead". They have an amazing ability to change color and become splotchy. Sounds like he'll be fine!