Nano 5G, Opinions?


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I set up the Nano I bought, seeded it with water, LS (1in) and LR (15pds) from my 55G. I have 15W 10K DL/6K A, Marineland HO (with extra filter I keep in my sump), PH w/rotating nozzle, 50W Heater, Moon Light (Blue) Currently I only have 2 hermits and 2 snails, next month I'll add a few frags.

Here are a few pics....opinions of the set up so far? Thanks in advance!" alt="" />

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Looks good! I would think of adding a backround on the tank to cover up the wires and such. Also I had one of those Zoo Med PH and it quite working in a month. I cleaned it every week. Also when you hold it out of the water but with the intake still in the water you can see that the flow director doesn't work worth a crap. The water just goes every where. This is all just im my own experince I thought I'd let you know. It seems that (Most) equiptment in a saltwater tank that rotates will always fail quickly. I like the canopy!
Thats some nice looking furniture that you have around it. Ive been thinking about setting up a little nano at the office.
It's probably a 5 gallon because he said he has 15 pounds of rock in it. If you ask me I think it would be impossible to get 15 pounds of rock in a 2.5. Also if it was a 2.5 gallon I think that power head would take up like the whole tank and I don't think you could fit that filter on it.