Need someone to tanksit over holoidays! Please help.


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OK guys I'm going to need some help over the Christmas holidays. I will be gone for 2 weeks. I just need someone to come feed everyday. Everything else is very automated (topoff, calcium reactor, etc, etc)

I can probably get some neighbors to help out also but would rather have someone that knows a little about what they are doing!

I live in Hamilton Mill (near Mall of Georgia) if you can help me out please PM me and let me know. I am willing to pay you for gas, etc.

Here is my tank thread just FYI in case you want to see wat your getting into.

I wish I could help, but that's not my side of town. Hopefully someone comes along. I remember there being a sticky thread on TRT with people willing to tank-sit.
would you be willing to donate some frags of corals instead of money??........ just wondering
I wish I could help but I'm in Augusta. Sounds like a win-win situation with the previous poster. he needs frags and you need a hand. That's what makes this a great hobby!
I am a bit far off and my work would not let me go off till after 6PM, so I am of no help on weekdays. I can help out on Saturday and Sunday only.

Give me a call if you need someone to tank sit on Saturday and Sunday

I live in Auburn (about 6 miles away). Hamilton Mill is not right on my way home, but close. It is only a mile or two futher up and not much of a problem :)

I'd be glad to help. Sorry, I don't take money, you will have to accept it for free...;)

However (don't you hate this part), I can only help through the 26th. I'm taking my kids skiing that week through New Years...

If this is enough to help, let me know?

Johhny that would be awesome. At least take a frag or two! I'll pm you sometime to workout details for you to come over and get the lay of the land before we leave. Thanks once again!

We may be returning on the 28th anyway but even if not I only need probably 2 more visits after you so once again thanks!!!
Man I didnt even think about asking for help on here. I went out of town for thanksgiving week. I got my father to come by and feed the fish. Everything is still alive haha, I wonder if he actually came by or just said "they are just fish, screw it" haha. Good idea though. Ill definatly think to ask on here if I go somewhere in the future.
I live in Buford, about 6 miles from the Mall of Georgia down hwy. 20. I'd be more than willing to "tanksit" for anyone in the area at no charge. I also hate leaving my tanks for more than a couple days, so I may ask you to repay the favor. For this holiday season I'll be gone from the 22nd through the 26th- any days other than those I'm available. Let me know if anyone's interested!