RIP my Blenny. Maneating Condi story


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Last night my Blenny was gobbled up by my Condi. Both were healthy. The tank is crystal clear with no trace of waste or buildup

My Blenny was pretty large, maybe 3 inches I'd guess. I thought the anemone was eating well...I fed it frozen m. shrimp that came in cube form. (thawed of course)

I was just heartbroken last night. There was nothing I could do, though for a minute I comtemplated grabbing the condi and seeing if I could pull my fish out

This morning it spit out half a carcass...then pulled him back in to finished the job

Has anyone had this happen before?? The LFS said its uncommon and that it should be safe to put another fish in, but I dont know if I dare!! Are they just ill informed? Is it normal for a Condi to grab and eat a fish!?!

I loved how my blenny would keep the gravel clean. I dont know what to replace him with.....or if I should just take back my maneating Condi

Any advice or experience with this??
awww sorry to hear.

I think it's rather common for anemones to eat fish.

On one of the tank tours in the spring, we visited a tank with large green carpets- he talked about all the fish he has lost and referred to his tank as semi-aggressive.

Maybe someone can speak specifically on Condi's and their experience.
I have had several fish "disapear" with my rather large BTA. I haven't had a condi, so I can't speak to that, but I know anemones will eat fish from time to time, even if they are well fed (nature).
Thanks to you both for the replies

I wish the guy at the store explained that to me! They had all their fish in the tank along with the anemonies. I should have known better when he tried to convince me a clown fish would take to it. From what I understand, though the clown fish is immune to the sting, they dont take a condi as a host

I read up on there requirements before the purchase, but I didnt read anything about them attacking fish

I guess maybe I should return him them. I'd like a fish in the tank and dont want to put one in there only for him to be sacrificed!
Do I dare admit!?!
I got it at petco. I stopped in to buy some salt and brought home the condi

I know this is going to sound crazy, but I have a clown fish that has taken to my condi. Fish r just crazy like that.

Sorry to hear of your loss.
Not much you can do, anemones eat fish. I don't think you could have saved the fish either. I once had a scotter blenny *land* on a carpet anemone. I was watching the whole thing, immediatly grabbed scooter off the anemone but he was paralized. He never moved again...