Atlanta Acrylic Suppliers


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Okay so I finally stopped stalling and joined ARC... so I figured maybe somebody here would know since after a year of trying, I haven't found one...

Does anyone know where I can find an Acrylic supplier in the Atlanta area? The yellow pages, guys at the local stores have all turned up nothing.

Buying .250 lucite from Lowes is getting expensive and I need bigger sheets and thicker stock. Someplace that sells cuts and scraps would be a plus...

Thanks all...
For small quantities of acrylic, McMaster Carr will be your best best...though they don't let you pick up your stuff in person anymore. You can Google the name to find their website, and place your orders online. Shipping should be pretty cheap though as their warehouse is in S. Fulton.

eBay should be a good source for scrap acrylic. For larger quantities, check out Piedmont Plastics. There are other sources too...

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Check out Piedmont Plastics, they have a local place.

May be able to check with Andy at MRC, I know he's got connections in the acrylic world and may sell to the public.... can't say for sure tho.
Try Lowes.. I got some them them today and have them cut it the way I wanted. I am thinking it Acrulic, but I could be wrong
Piedmont Plastics over in Smyrna. I called Friday AM. An hour later, itwas cut to my sizes and in the back of my truck.

Great service
Sounds like Piedmont Plastics is the clear winner here.. I'll give them a call. It's a heck of a drive but probably not too bad if I get a year's supply at a time...

Thanks everyone.